For sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and the conservation of our aquatic resources, present and future

HalieuMer is a scientific consultancy firm

HalieuMer is an international consultancy company offering fish biology services dedicated to the sustainable development of fisheries and aquaculture and the conservation of natural fish populations.

HalieuMer offers the following services :

  • Ageing and reproductive biology services for routine stock assessments, ressource management studies, and the study of species biology (sample collection, sample preparation and interpretation, data analysis)
  • Analysis of age, growth, sexual maturation, reproduction, life span, etc, and identification of differences between stocks and populations
  • Evaluation of stress in farmed fish or natural populations, for a quality end-product and responsible farming
  • Analysis of environmental impacts on species biology and life history (impacts related to global warming, climate change, renewable marine energy projects, coastal development, pollution, etc)
  • For all projects looking at fish from marine, coral reef, freshwater, or aquaculture environments.

We can also help with sample collection (dissection, measurements, development of sampling programs for age-related and/or reproductive studies), writing, proof-reading, and english/french translation of your scientific reports and manuscripts


Age estimation

Preparation of transverse otolith sections, otolith reading (annual and daily rings), external reader of prepared otolith sections for quality-control requirements of age data, reading agreement, validation of growth increment periodicity, etc. 


Sexual maturity and reproductive biology

Analysis of prepared histological gonad slides, size- and age-at-sexual maturity, timing of sexual maturation and reproduction, gonad ontogeny and reproductive strategy, diagnosis of sex change, sex-specific growth, relationship between growth rate and sexual maturity, etc.


Fish welfare and stress in farmed fish

Analysis of otolith cristallisation as a marker of long-term stress (over the life of the fish), proportion of fish with signs of elevated stress within/across groups of farmed fish 


Growth modelling

Analysis of size-at-age data, modelling of growth, growth parameter estimation, analysis of intra- and/or inter-specific differences in growth, growth curves, etc.


Data analysis, environmental impacts, species biology

Analysis of otolith and gonad data, life history data, environmental impacts on age, growth and reproduction, differences in growth and reproduction between fish stocks and populations, fish species biology projects, etc.


Projects on demand, sampling, writing

Development of sampling programs for the collection of age-based and reproductive data, sample collection (dissections, measurements, etc), writing, proof-reading and english/french translation services of your scientific documents, etc. 



We work in close collaboration with fisheries management bodies, fish farms, universities, research institutes, industry, NGOs, other consulting firms, etc. 

Fisheries and resource management

Non-Governmental Organisations 

Aquaculture industry

Universities, research institutes

Industry (renewable marine energy, coastal development, …)

Consulting companies for aquatic environments

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