Fish Biology Services

Age, growth and reproductive information represent essential data in fisheries management. It allows assessing the health of fish stocks and natural fish populations, the number of fish that can be harvested in an area, as well as the minimum legal size limits and the needs for fishing closures over short periods of time to allow spawning, for example. Aquaculture also plays an important role in the conservation of natural resources, as it contributes to lessen fishing pressure and overfishing. Fish health and welfare of farmed fish is an imporant consideration in the aquaculture industry, a growing industry dedicated to sustainable farming practices and setting seafood standards.  

HalieuMer is an international consulting firm based in Brittany, France. Specialised in fish biology, otolith-based work, reproductive biology, modelling of growth, and analysis of environmental impacts, HalieuMer is dedicated to meeting the needs of your projects on fish from marine, coral reef, freshwater and aquaculture environments.  

HalieuMer was founded by Elizabeth Laman Trip, PhD.

A researcher and lecturer in marine biology and aquaculture over the past 20 years, I am specialised in fish biology, and more specifically in otolith-based work, age, growth and reproductive biology. I am particularly interested in these data and the environmental factors that impact them, because they are at the foundation of demographic studies and population dynamics and I am dedicated to working for the sustainable use and conservation of our natural resources and aquatic environments.

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